Install and Run Android 4.0 SDK and Ice Cream Sandwich on PC

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Google announced Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, on October 19. Android 4.0 SDK has also been released for developers. 1st smart phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be available for customers in November 2011.

In this tutorial we will learn how to run Android 4.0 SDK  and Ice Cream Sandwich in an emulator and explore the features of new Google Mobile OS.

See below the step-by-step instructions on how to set up and install the Android 4.0 SDK on your PC.

Step 1 – Download the Android SDK files from: HERE. Select x86 or Windows Version if you are using Microsoft Windows OS.

Step 2 – Extract or install the Android SDK files you just downloaded to any location on your PC.

Step 3 – Now, open the folder where you have extracted the SDK and run the “SDK Manager” application.

Step 4 – The application will load and fetch all the Android SDK packages.

Step 5 – Once the SDK manger complete the loading process, now you can select the packages you want to install. Here, we will be only selecting the “Android 4.0 (API 14)” and “Android SDK Platform-tools” (under Tools).

Step 6 – Now Click on “Install  packages…”. You will be prompted to confirm the packages you have selected for installation.

Step 7 – Then Click on the “Install” button and wait for the all the packages to download from internet and install.

Click Finish and Close the SDK Manager, when all the packages are downloaded and installed on your PC.


Set Up Android 4.0 Emulator

Once you installed Android SDK r14 packages and tools, now its time to set up the Android Emulator so that you can run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on your PC.

Step 8 – Open Android SDK folder and run “AVD Manager”. Click on “New” and create a Virtual Device with details as in the screenshot below.

Step 9 – Click “OK” on the result window.

Step 10 –Select the virtual device you just created from the list and click on “Start”.

Step 11 – No need to change anything in the Launch Options Just Click on the “Launch” button.

Step 12 – The emulator will start after a few Command Prompt windows flicker and then you will see the following screen where your Android device will be booting up. It may take around 5 minutes to boot when loading for the first time.

Step 13 – Once your Android 4.0 loaded in Emulator, you will see the Welcome Screen.


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  1. Chirag Balar

    I downloaded the Android development kit.
    but when i run SDK MANAGER.
    it gives error that
    “Failed to execute toolsandroid.bat:, error 2
    The system cannot find the file specified.”

    How can i solve this??
    Please help me…

  2. Alinutzurx

    For those that have problems…they must know that they need to install JRE before executing Android SDK Manager. Good Job Nice aplication!

    • Hi, mine gots the same problem, once i open sdk manager to instal it says failed to execute tools\android bat. can anybody help me to fix it? Id aprecciate it !

  3. salman shaikh

    admin can i play the android game in full screen if not the Blue stuck is same i want to play in full screen

  4. Those people who are having trouble loading AVD manager.exe. Copy the AVD manager and SKD manager from \sdk\tools\lib to sdk folder and then AVD manager loads perfectly. It happened to me.

  5. IT WORKS :-) SDK manager is not opening Then try to re extract then open IT
    does’t work then check you have net framework 4 client profile and java

  6. For those who have any type of problems….. First download the android SDK from the link given above in this website. its a .zip file and its size is around 450Mb. after download complete extract it to c://program files//. after you unzipped it remember you have to install java first to make work the android sdk. download java jre from the java website. after successfully installed the java follow the above steps given in this website. it would definitely work.

  7. Its all the bullshit. Its not working. If JRE was required why the heck author didn’t pointed it out. Wasted our time.

  8. avd manager not working.. a box appears with “failed to tools the system cannot find the file specified.”

  9. hassan shabbir

    dear can i used in window 8 if yes how to control desktop graphics in my notebook dell vostro v13

  10. umar siddiq

    i install it successfully and i can download everything you say then i open emulator after loading emulator it cannot show any command promt window admin please please help me i am trying it from two days……….

  11. Rohit Sharma

    I agree with your post. Android software development kit makes the application development process lot simpler and effective. You can create best performing android application with ease.

  12. Thanks for your informative article. Android SDK allows you to create stunning mobile application loaded with more features and enhanced priority. With basis on Java coding language, you can create stunning mobile application with ease.

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