How to use Android Phone as Modem

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As 3G and 4G or LTE are spreading fast all over Pakistan, and already available in most parts of world, which is strong alternative of conventional internet connectivity options, and many times we want to use our Android smartphones or Tablet to work as modem, in case of no DSL or other Internet connectivity options due to any reason (more specific to Pakistan, Bad weather, Rain, during travel we can not opt for WiMax or WCDMA connection which is way too slow and disconnect every once in a while.) Here is a step by step guide to use your Android smartphone or tablet as Modem with your Laptop or PC by using USB data cable. Although Wifi Hotspot and Bluetooth tethering options are there too, but sometimes we need a cable connection to do the things.


Basic Requirements:

Connecting Phone with Laptop

1. Android Phone or Tablet with USB cable
2. Laptop or PC with free USB slot
3. Android Phones driver(s)


Step 1
Connect the USB cable’s smaller end to your Android phone and the other end to your computer.
Step 2
Press the “Home” button and then the “Menu” button.
Step 3
Tap “Settings,” “More” from the Wireless & Networks section and then “Tethering & Portable Hotspot.”
Step 4
Check “USB Tethering” to establish a USB data connection on your computer. (make sure your Android phone is connected to computer through USB)
Step 5
Click on network tab in task bar of your Laptop/PC, after some time it will start internet – check by using your browser.

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