Redesigned Google Play with New Look

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Play-Store-newGoogle is rolling out a redesigned new look for Google Play store for Android. The Roll out is for Android based phones and tablets, the redesigned store front has a cleaner look, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Google mentioned that it might take a couple weeks before Android based Smartphone users everywhere would be able to upgrade to the new look of Play Store.

The new Play Store really look a lot better then the previous dark themed one, especially on tablets. The new Play Store UI is easier to use and showcases more great content for users. It groups similar content together, continues showing recommendations on the basis of your previous searches and interests as you keep scrolling. For developers, the new play store app offers more ways for your Android app to get noticed, as well as a new, simpler purchase flow. It is dialogue-based purchase flow that lets users buy products from Google play store without leaving the context of the app. The app remains active and visible behind the purchase dialogues. When the purchase is complete, users return directly to the place they left, without the app having to reconstruct its state.

The new Play Store app (version 4.0.25) is coming to  Android devices soon. The roll-out has already started and Google expect all devices running Android 2.2 or higher to have the update over the next few weeks.


Download and Install New Google Play Store App (version 4.0.25)

While the rolling out process is taking time, and it may be available in few days or weeks time in your region but you can still try the new Google Play Store app on your android devices by downloading and installing its APK from the links given below.



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