Google ‘Find My Phone’ to locate your missing Android Phone

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How often you forget your Android Phone some place other than your home or office? How many times you got panicked by not finding your phone even inside the room or in your car ? Although there are Apps or ways to find your missing phone by using Android Device Manager but Google brought this new option to find your missing Android phone by just typing the words ‘find my phone’ in any Google search bar from your computer and it will locate your device on a map and give you the option to ring your phone.
Step by Step Guide: How to Use “Find My Phone”
1st Open in your PC’s browser Window, and Type ‘Find My Phone’
Find My Phone Step 1
The result page will bring up an information box with the message ‘Contacting your phone’, and load the location of your phone on Google Map in this box.
After this it will show a screen with a message ‘For your security, sign in again to find your phone’s lication’
Find My Phone Step 2
Note: Android Device Manager location services must be set up on your phone in order for this method to work.
After sign in, you will be able to see the exact location of your android phone as well as access to ‘Ring’ your phone from same window to find if its nearby.
See How “Find My Phone” Work in Google Search
Find My Phone Animation

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