Wallpapers for your Moto G Android Mobile

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Smartphones have many different types of wallpapers. Although lately there has been a marked popularity in wallpapers which show great graphics design. These are the wallpapers, which have the most creative patterns and stylish designs. They also give the impression of modern art. Their quality is great and their resolution is also quite high. The designer has made these wallpapers very spectacular so it is guaranteed that you will absolutely love them. We have shared a range of compatible wallpapers for Moto G by Motorola, that show all the attributes of impressive and colourful wallpaper designs which also includes an asymmetrical three dimensional look.

Moto G wallpaper  Hd1080_1920

Moto G wallpaper 1080_1920-

Moto G wallpaper 1080_1920

Moto G wallpaper-1080_1920




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  1. Motorola comes with a bunch of nifty looking live wallpapers that were built right into the phone. By accessing the Settings menu, which can be located either in your Quick Settings or via the app drawer, simply scroll down under the subcategory ‘Device’, tap on Display and select Wallpaper. You have the choice of choosing from the phone’s gallery, normal wallpapers or live wallpapers. Some of the Moto G’s live wallpapers are also found on other smartphone devices, like the Galaxy S3, such as Bubbles and Phase Beam. My personal favorite is Nexus
    Good Luck

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