Requirements for Android Apps Development

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Because Google’s Android Operating System offers unmatched flexibility, it has become a favourite for both Mobile App developers and smart phone users. The android OS boosts an array of features which have greatly enhanced smart phone experience for all end users.

Android phones are selling like hot cakes in the global market. They have given a very stiff and unwavering competition to the iOS. On Android OS, App developers can easily develop Apps for all categories like health, business, entertainment and the list goes on. Android App developers thus have this lucrative opportunity to enrich their skills and therefore enhance their abilities by developing various apps for a wide range of categories.
Here we have listed a few things that every mobile App developer should keep in mind while creating an app using any particular android development kit.

Android App Design strategy

No app can be developed without a proper strategy. Professional android app developers have their designs ready clearly before they set out to create it. So if you are planning to develop an Android App, make its mockups, flow design and layout screens either on paper or by using some free or paid online/offline App interface design tools, so that you must have a clear picture of what you are going to develop.

Query Language skills for Android Apps Development
It is highly essential to have basic knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) if a person is thinking about android design and creating an App for the OS. A good knowledge of SQL basics will allow app developers to create functional and effective android Apps. Staying up to date with all android App designs and tools is also essential if one wants an interactive app design.

Android App Development Strategy
As soon as the android App design and Application flow is ready, it should be gone for production, individual or team of android developers should have a clear development strategy before starting the android app development process, keep in mind the DB (database) is designed properly (if required), web service (if required) is designed, developed and in place to be integrated into android app, and you have trained android development resource available for starting the development process.

If you do not have android app development resources, you can go for android app development outsourcing model, in this model, you may ask some individual, freelance android developer, or a company to develop the android application for you. Along with above mentioned development strategies, one should also keep in mind, the App must be developed for most available android devices, OS versions,  and screen resolutions.

Android App Testing and Debugging
This is highly essential if one wants to create an android App that will deliver the maximum smart phone usage experience to the end user. Google Play does not have any kind of stringent rule for app design and submissions. It is however important that the android app developer check his app rigorously so that it will meet all expectation of the end users.

One must check the App before publishing to Google Play Store or any other Android Apps platform or store, it may include unit testing, UI and UX testing, load testing etc. Another great strategy can be, offer your android App free to beta testers, or hire a testing company for this purpose to make sure your Application is bug free, and it will not be rejected by end users because of any known issues.

Breaking down huge apps into smaller chunks
Because app development is a lengthy process and has varying degrees of complexity, it is highly advisable for the developers to fragment the larger pieces of the application, into smaller, more manageable ones. This will make application development easier to develop code and also publish the app while consuming minimum resources in doing so.

One thing that app developers should not forget is that no matter what app they design and develop, its highly essential that its user-friendly, has an effective interface and also maximizes the user experience of an Android smart phone user.

Consideration of the above mentioned points will ensure mobile app developers have a high-end and very effective app on their hands.

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