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Creating an app for Android with Android software development tools is a breeze if you are aware of the basics and interested in the world of smart phone apps programming. It only requires simple easy to use tools for making Android apps. Android development tools are downloadable components.

The Android software development kit (SDK) includes a comprehensive set of development tools. Among the top 10 android development tools the officially supported integrated development environment (IDE) is Eclipse, while IntelliJ integrated development environment also fully support ADT. Other than these two famous tools, android developers can use any text editor to edit Java and XML files followed by command line tools for creating, building and debugging Android applications.


ADT is a plug-in for Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) designed to act as a workplace to build Android apps. Android Development Tools broadens the ability of Eclipse to allow developers to set up new Android projects, create an application, add packages based on the Android Framework API, and other tasks to make programming process flow better.

Android Studio is another IDE for Android based on InelliJ IDEA and allows developers to try for free carrying the following features;
• Live Layout
• Developer Console
• Provision for beta releases and staged rollout.
• Gradle based build support.
• Android explicit refactoring along with quick fixes.
• Lint tools to catch performance and version compatibility, etc.
• Template wizards
• Platform for building Android Wear apps.

Owned by JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE with the highest ranking as this programming tool was given the highest test center score among the top four Java Programming Tools.

Adobe AIR created by Adobe Systems works for cross platforms building Rich Internet applications that run for both desktop and mobile devices programmed using Adobe Flash, HTML, Java and XML.

Appcelerator is a mobile technology company with its main product as Appcelerator Titanium which is an open source software development kit for cross platform mobile development allowing creation of mobile apps including for Android from a single JavaScript codebase.

PhonegGap is a free open source framework produced by Nitobi for creating mobile apps using standardized web APIs for Android or any other mobile platform. With PhoneGap you can easily create apps using the web technologies such HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

With Xamarin, one can create apps in C# for Android and other mobile platforms. It allows to design, develop and integrate apps and test them. It has a C# codebase to write native IOS, Android and Windows apps and share code on all platforms.

Motorola developed an open source framework known as RhoMobile. It is used for building native applications allowed to run on an array of devices including Android, Windows, iOs, and Blackberry etc.

Codiqais a powerful drag and drop builder to create mobile apps for different platforms with HTML5. It’s very easy to use and many businesses use it to reduce the time and cost needed to build mobile phone apps.

Nakajima launched WidgetPad, a free, collaborative, web based, open source mobile development environment to create mobile applications with web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript and distribute them to app stores. WidgetPad alleviates the complications of creating native applications and reduce the need to learn platform specific API sets and tools

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