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Apple joined the race for innovation in the smart watch sector by launching its own Watch. After a long wait on part of iOS fans, Apple has come out with its very own version of the smart watch, all set to compete with the Android wear platform based smart watches already in the market.


Android watches have already established their mark in the market and have been used by Android enthusiasts around the globe. These watches offer a great deal of versatility, functionality, creativity and style and have impressed a large number of people. The question that now arises is how would Apple snatch the market and convert Android smart watch fan base into Apple Watch fan base?
This question can be answered by analyzing the specifications and features that are on offer by the two platforms. Users take into option all the features along with the prices and then decide on what is best for them and worth the money. A look into the two platforms via a comparative analysis can reveal a lot of things and also make decisions very easy.

Apple Watch Samsung Gear 2 Moto 360
Resolution Retina 320 x 320 320x 290
Processor Custom S1 SiP 1.0 GHz Dual Core TI OMAP 3
Sensors Accelerometer, Heart rate, Bluetooth 4.0 Accelerometer, Heart rate, Bluetooth 4.0, Gyroscope Pedometer, Heart Rate, Bluetooth 4.0
Shape Square Square Round
Screen Size 38mm and 42mm 1.63 inches 1.56 inches
Weight N/A 2.39 ounces 1.7 ounces
Storage N/A 4 GB 4 GB
Battery Life 1 Day on average 3 Days on average 1 Day on average
RAM 512 MB* 512 MB 512 MB
Water resistance YES Yes Yes, IP67-certified
Operating System iOS Tizen Android Wear
Price $349 $199 $249

A lot of the features of the Apple Watch are yet to be revealed but still one can easily determine where the watch would be going towards. The competition with the Android watches will be tough as they are cheaper and offer a great deal of versatility. Apple Watch will compete on class, perfection, speed and features and will provide very tough time to the android wear watches already in the market.
For people who wish to find out more will have to stay tuned as more specs are revealed. The battle is certainly going to be interesting.

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