Why Android ?

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Access to Hardware including (Camera, GPS and Accelerometer)
Android includes API libraries give help in development with hardware device. it means you don’t need to create specific implementation of your software for every device.
 just create the application and your application will run on any handset that support android.

Native Google Maps, Geocoding and Location-Based Services

Native Google Maps:
Android allow you to develop the activities using Google Maps, Google Maps will work as part of your application interface. you can do additional  programmatically manipulation on it using Graphics Library.

Location-Based Services:
In location based service android manage the services like GPS and Googl’s GSM cell-based service, with help of these tech you can get cell current position.

You can retrieve address with the help of Google Maps and Location service (GPS).

Background Services:
User can run multiple application on android handset @ a same time.

SQLite Database for data storage and retrieval.
Android provide lightweight relational database SQLite.

Communication between applications.
Android include the techniques to transmitting information between applications. techniques are Notifications , Intent and Content Providers. Android made it possible to      

P2P Services with Google Talk.
With help of this service now two or more android handset can communicate with each other.

Extensive Media Support and 2D/3D Graphics.
Android included the OpenGL graphics engine for 3D graphics and Canvas drawing for 2D graphics. Android also provide the libraries for other media types E.g. png, jpeg, mpeg4  etc

Optimized Memory and Process Management.
Android using it’s own virtual machine to manage the application resources. Android run time also manage different processes life time and on critical situation Android run  time can kill any idle process.

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